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We're Here!!!

Praise the Lord, we have arrived in the US safe and sound.

It was quite an eventful journey. Our friends picked us at our house and loaded the car with our bags and stuff. When we went back to our friends house their dog felt the need to "mark" my leg. It was an experience I hope won't be repeated any time soon, but it was also funny. Thank the Lord that Suz had an extra pair of pants so I was able to change and wash out the dirty pants.

So...6 hours down to Yaounde, 6 hours in the airport waiting for our flight, 6 1/2 hours to Brussles, 3 hours layover, 7 1/2 hours to Newark, another 3 hour layover, 2 1/2 hours to Orlando and PRIASE GOD......we were home. I tell you there is nothing like the feeling of going through immigration with your US passport. I am proud to be an American!! We are one blessed country. I just wish that more American's were more appreciative of what they have. It would make a world of difference in the direction that the country was taking right now.

We are so looking forward to traveling around the country and seeing our family and friends! We will post our phone number soon so people can contact us in case we are in your area.


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