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TMI Aids Orphan Rescue Units

To describe an Aids Orphan Rescue Unit: it is a building(s) placed in a village area where there are many orphans. 2 Teen Missions staff/interns live there. The goal of the unit is to minister to orphans through help with school fees and supplies, medical supplies, acting as an advocate (they often are not treated well by the other family members), run small camps that minister to these orphans. Once established they also will help the community through nutrition and agricultural seminars (they will feed attendees as well as train them). These units provide much needed assistance to these orphans and their families. Our 2007 TMI team from the U.S. helped build the first such unit in the country of Cameroon. One of the Cameroonian teams from the summer program also worked on it.

We put in the well (which is where we developed a burden for well projects, one of our future goals here in Cameroon to provide good drinking/useable water in villages), and the first 2 buildings and it was up and running in Sept of 2007. The first unit was located in the village of Impalim. We also helped to start another one in the village of Ngie. There are now a total of 4 units in Cameroon. Each unit ministers to up to 500 orphans. Many projects such as foot washing (providing needed foot care and new shoes) and construction projects such as silos, additional buildings are done through adult teams that come in January/February. We whole heartedly support the work that these units and others here through the Cameroon Baptist Convention that operate similarly. But, while we were setting these up and helping at the units we saw the need for some of these orphans to be rescued and taken out of their environments altogether. This is where our vision of an orphanage started to take form. We are continually amazed at how the Lord directs our steps and holds our future in His hands.

finished unit up and operating!

beautiful location

now opened and helping orphans

summer camps

caring for orphans feet

carrying material to the unit...just the beginning

baby fell into a fire --- came to the unit for help

one of the summer camps

Impalim rescue unit today

caring for orphans feet

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