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Help Grace Tait Shelter become more self-sufficient. Consider 

funding one of the following projects: 



We need $43,000 more towards the main building on the property we are purchasing and an additional $10,000 to renovate existing buildings on the property


We want to move the children in closer to Bamenda. This property is in the middle ot the town of Bamenda. It has a building on it that contains 6-10 single room apartments and a wall around it. We need $25,000 more to finish purchasing it.

$210 ($70 each for a younger aged male and 2 females) needed for a new breeding stock. .

 Get involved by helping to improve the lives of Cameroonians

 or consider helping meet some of our personal needs.



Many have to travel several miles just to find a source of water that is not necessarily clean. It takes $1500 to put in a well with a hand pump in a remote village. Clean drinking water that is easily accessible changes the lives of Cameroonians who live in these villages.

We were given a lot of construction equipment. A huge blessing... but much of it wasn't well kept. So we need to repair some before we can use it. There is a brick making machine and bobcat we can use when we purchase the land, but we can also use to make money. We need around $1500 to get the machines serviced and running good again.

                     PROJECTS FOR US PERSONALLY:

We need a new engine for our 1998 Pajero. It has been an amazing vehicle and is still the main one we use when we travel to the village (we don't want to beat up our new(er) Jeep). An engine will cost us $3000. We also need good mud tires for our Jeep. That will cost $1200.

We need $1000 to do some much needed repairs on the house we rent in Cameroon

Another need we have is for piping and some cement to put in a public tap near our home. We have been without water for 6 months now. The water company is waiting for a water project being done by "the Chinese" to turn the water back on. It is a 3 year project and they are only 1 year into it. While the rainy season is going water isn't as much of a problem, but in a couple of months the dry season will be here and the people in this quarter will struggle to get good potable water. We need $500 to bring water from a nearby area and build a tap. Why won't the water company do this? Good question....because it's Africa and no one else is complaining so they can get away with it.

We want to eliminate the need for cooking over wood fires. We have discovered a relatively easy way to use "stinky gas"...methane produced from the septic that is on the property. We would no longer need to cook with wood or buy propane. We need piping, 3 barrels and some other misc. equipment... $350 would do this.

Need more goats (our guard dog has killed several.....:( ) They are $70 each and we could use several more

We have been blessed with solar panels that provide light for the children. We want to double the amount of lighting we have for better lighting during study time. We need an additional battery, solar panel and other misc etc. To do this we need $500

To give towards a Grace Tait Shelter or Hope Filled Futures Project:

Make checks out to: Hope Filled Futures and

Send monies to:

Hope Filled Futures PO Box 236342

Cocoa, FL 32923

Make sure to specify what you want the monies to go towards.

or give to any of these via PAYPAL: visit our web store

If you want to give via debit/credit card click on the button below

then click on add/change funds to let us know where you want

your donation to go to: we have partnered with Servant Keeper to provide

a way to securely give online or you can contact us at:

321-536-2320 and we can set that up for you.

To give towards a project for us personally:

Make checks out to: CTEN and

Send monies to:

Commission to Every Nation

PO Box 291307

Kerrville, TX 78029

Make sure to specify what you want the monies to go towards (on separate note e.g. Born's washing machine)

If you want to give to the Born's online click the button below

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