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Sandrines story in pictures

First stop was the hospital where they removed more than 60 worms

Trip number 2 to the hospital where she stayed for a month. They fitted her for braces and did therapy which she continued after she came home.

She is doing exercises for her legs and arms, but she is walking, running and playing with all of the other children. We are so grateful for her sponsors and others who made it possible for her to spend that time in the hospitals. She is almost through the tough times and towards total wholeness of her legs and feet. What a blessing to be a part of what the Lord is doing in these children's lives! Thank you for helping us to be here.

Her village name was worthless, she was in danger of being taken to the river to be left for Mami Water (left to die), She was in so much pain from the worms in her toes, feet and knees that she never walked. She had to be carried everywhere.

Back home from the hospital we got her a walker and started working with her to stand and walk.

Hospital trip number 3 where she had surgery to lengthen a tendon and received additional physical therapy.

cast finally off -- big scar!

she still wears special shoes to help straighten her feet.

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