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Another need that the Lord has layed on our hearts is providing clean drinking water through drilling/digging wells. Since the time we were with Teen Missions scouting possible sites for the Aids Orphan Rescue Units this has been on our hearts. There is such a need for drinkable water, especially in remote villages throughout Cameroon. We saw children who had to walk 5 K to get good water for their households and when they couldn't they settled for getting their water from small, filthy water holes. It was heart breaking to see this. We were able to provide wells for the 2 units that we helped to build while with Teen Missions and have helped dig/repair several others. We provided the first well with HFF to the village of Nseimbang....what a blessing! But, we desire to help provide many more wells! . We have been blessed to provide several wells for villages and repair several other existing wells, but we desire to do more. $1500 will provide a hand dug well with a hand pump for a remote village. 

Won't you help Cameroonian villagers go from drinking this:

To drinking this:

If you want to give towards a well:

Make checks out to: Hope Filled Futures (HFF)

and send monies to:

Hope Filled Futures (HFF)

PO Box 236342

Cocoa, FL 32923

Make sure to specify what you want the monies to go towards.

or give to any of these via PAYPAL: visit our web store

If you want to give via debit/credit card click on the button below

then click on add/change funds to let us know where you want

your donation to go to: we have partnered with Servant Keeper to 

provide a way to securely give online or you can contact us at:

321-536-2320 and we can set that up for you.

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