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2009 East Coast Christian Center (ECCC) Team

Hailing from Merritt Island, FL our next big team came from our home church in Florida. At this time WON was a part of ECCC. This time it was a group of adults. The house was literally down the street from the orphanages old location. Here is where the team spent most of their time. They painted, cleaned, painted some more and spent time with the children (at the time we had just picked up our first couple of batches of children). We had just finished knocking down wall, cleaning up and painting the insides of the first of 2 buildings and picking up 2 loads of children before the team arrived. We decided to stop at 10 children for a short time to be able to adjust things while we were still small in number. This was, after all, the first time we had run an orphanage and we wanted to get things right before there were many children.

The team was wonderful! They came loaded down with goodies for the children and the missionaries. What a refreshing that happens when people come bearing gifts and offering the fellowship of the Saints. This was one hard working team! They painted the whole outside of both buildings and whitewashed the pit toilet block. They did during the day, while at night they were busy ministering in churches around the Bamenda area.

We have been blessed to make many contacts with Pastor's in the area and the team spent time in Apostolic, Church of God, and Full Gospel etc....churches. As we have said, here on the mission field the denominational barriers are much less noticeable amongst the missionary community than we have seen in the States. Here it is very much a...Jesus Christ and Him crucified mentality. All of the rest manages to work itself out in the long run. We have been very blessed through the years to have the support of ECCC since before we hit the ground in Cameroon. We are so grateful for them and were doubly blessed by the team and the work that they accomplished while they were here. Something that we like to tell teams when they are here...they may come and go in a short amount of time, but the seed that they sow while they are here will continue to grow. The children continue to talk about this team and others to this day!

ECCC Team Gallery

Headed down to one of the waterfalls on the way to Bamenda

Food for the team

Team taking a tour of the orphanage - rooms

getting to know the kiddos

What a difference

Evening church -- team helping to lead praise

Team provided a water filter for the orphanage

They are arrived at our home

toilet block

getting to work

Walls, ceiling board, window bars

Giving a lecture on AIDS/HIV prevention

Schools let us go in to share with them

Lots of fun times now

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