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Current Bible school: In January 2015 we took over directorship of a local Bible College that was in danger of shutting down. Once the premiere Bible school in Bamenda we are working to return the Bible school to it's former status. One of the things we desire to do is to modernize how materials/books are managed. We are in the process of getting inexpensive tablets that students can purchase when they first register. This will decrease the cost of books and printing and will make the Bible school more attractive (bringing in new students). The students will have the option to purchase accessories which will allow them to use programs for papers/home work. Tablets also allow us to install free Bible software so that the students will have the tools they need to properly study the Word of God. We are exited to be involved in bringing this Bible school forward. Unfortunately, the Bible school was embroiled in a bitter battle for control of the school and items that it owned. When we took over the school we were told that all of the problems had been dealt with. This was not the case and so not wanting to be caught up in the middle of all of this we stepped down as directors and now help by teaching (not via any equipment etc...).

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