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2010 MK (Missionary Kids) Team

So…Round 2 for an MK team. And this team couldn't be more different from the 2008 team. While the 2008 had many seasoned MK's familiar with village life many of these children came from "Little America" in Yaoundé. This is a part of the capital that has many American's cloistered in a small area. There are a lot of conveniences in the capital as well that are not available in other parts of the country, so many of these team members were inexperienced in and therefore unprepared for roughness of village life. The Lord knows who to send and what He wants to accomplish in and through each team member and team. As with the 2008 team, we were privileged to come alongside the handicapped school in Santa (about 45 minutes. from Bamenda). This time we painted some of the hallways at the school. We were also able to interact with the children through music, puppets, drama, games and just loving on them. They are amazing! With the HHCH orphanage up and running the MK team did some projects at the orphanage. The team painted the dining room, did some minor repairs and ran a neighborhood VBS. Off to the village in a nearby Muslim area

. Here there was a medical clinic that served the Muslim and non-Muslim community. We did some much needed repairs at this clinic: including shoring up the foundation and preparing an outside waiting area (veranda to keep patients dry while waiting for services). What really encouraged us was the way the entire village (Muslim, traditional Animists and Christians) came together and worked side-by-side with the team to get this clinic repaired. We also helped dig out spring area where the villagers got their water. It allowed for cleaner water and for them to get it more quickly as they didn't have to wait for the water to settle in between each bucket. In the non-Muslim part of the village was a tiny little church. This was the first Christian presence in this area. The Pastor was minimally trained and they were all brand new Christians. We were able to spend several days doing a VBS for the children and give the adults some tools (training) for evangelism. Wow, what a blessing to help them in this small way. They were so excited about the Word bracelets and books we taught them to make and use. The adults were also mesmerized during the VBS teachings...drinking in the Word of God presented in such a simple way. They were very grateful!

2010 MK Team in pictures

Our first stop a nearby handicapped school

Chris and Karen Jackson (our fellow leaders)

Our home while in the village

digging out a waiting area for patients

had a 3 day bible study/VBS at the only Christian church in the area

Jared....just one of the kids!

Lots of fun stuff to do too!

our only surviving picture of the HHCH project

To do a VBS program and a project

bringing up stones from stream to help shore up the foundation of a village clinic

Water project - cleaning out a spring catchment area

birthdays were fun on the team!

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