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We are Tim and Sara Born. We have 2 daughters who are living in the U.S. We grew up in Maryland, are now based in Florida, but spend most of our time in Cameroon. We were both saved (had a "Born Again" experience with Jesus who is now our personal Lord and Savior) in 1983 during a church service that someone recommended to Tim during one of his mandatory AA meetings. That night in Sept of 1983, Tim was gloriously delivered from drug and alcohol addiction and Sara from depression. We became really involved with this church and there received our missions calling. Coming from the background that we did we felt the need to grow in the Lord before going on the field so we studied the Bible, evangelism and counseling at a school in our local church.

 Tim went on to help pastor a small home based church for 20+ years; Sara helped with the worship, intercessory prayer and children’s ministries at various times through the years. In 2004 we became staff members of Teen Missions international (TMI). It was TMI who started us on our journey in Cameroon. We have started an orphanage (with another ministry and couple), have opened 2 Bible schools and are currently directors over a third Bible college (CBS) which we were asked to take over in the fall of 2014. We are currently overseeing another orphanage (Grace Tait Shelter) with the hope of reviving it and re-rescuing 36 of their orphans who were sent back to bad situations due to lack of funding (there were 12 left and we have rescued 6 more for a total of 18). We also partner with various other ministries and help run short term mission teams. This year (2014) we are excited to begin drilling wells in remote villages throughout the country helping to provide drinkable water. We love Cameroon and the people there. We tell people who ask how long we are going to stay in Cameroon....we are there as long as the Lord says we are to stay. We have no plans to return to the U.S. (other than our regular deputation/furlough times which occur every 2 years).

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