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Faith Bible College

In Sept. of 2010 the doors to Faith Bible College where opened. The need for teaching people to rightly divide the Word of God is still great. We really want to train them to be able to utilize the tools that are available, to get before the Lord and correctly interpret scripture. There are so many untrained pastors and leaders in the church here. Some who just teach crazy things....and because they don't know better, people just believe it. It's sad. With Teen Missions we were able to reach younger people and have a more intense discipleship program. At Faith Bible College we reach an older, more established group of people. We have retired Coronel's, high up workers in the electric and water companies, self-employed taxi drivers, pastors, most have children (some have raised many and have grandchildren).

It is a very diverse group who are very serious about studying the Word of God. Wow!! And do we have some interesting discussions in class. This is wonderful as younger people won't question a teacher or the teaching, but just accept what is taught. While, it took a little while even with this group, they have blossomed and ask the most insightful things.

Another one of our goals is to help people challenge their culture when it conflicts with scripture. In the culture here, men just don't help around the house or with the children (in general). So....Tim has really been challenging the men, in particular, during his spiritual life classes to love their wives as Christ loved the church. He washed his disciples feet...why can't the men just wash some dishes.

Wow...the reaction is telling in how much it challenges the status quo and cultural upbringing. He also challenged them to help in the children's church for even just 6 months. After all, they aren't just the wife’s children and children need godly examples of men as well as women to pattern their lives after. Wow....again the reaction showed what a challenge it was to the ingrained cultural upbringing. What has amazed us are the number of men (and women) who have stepped up and started to meet these challenges. God has been doing amazing things in their lives as a result. Bondages have been broken, marriages have been restored, souls have experienced healing, people are starting to walk in God's grace and all that He has done (not in how good or bad they have been). God is so good!!We are greatly encouraged at the fruit we have seen as people learn the truth of who God is and what He has done for them. We look forward to much fruit in the future as many more student grasp all that salvation includes.

Tim with student

Power outages don't stop classes.

Tim and Goodness (FBC administrator)

Students and Tim on their way to an outreach during the holidays

Our first graduates!!

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