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We are beginning our "rounds"

After 2+ weeks in Florida we are beginning our rounds. In the last 2 weeks we had the blessing of being able to share about the orphanage in 3 churches. A missionary Alliance church in Titusville, FL, at our home church East Coast Christian Church in Merritt Island Fl and a United Methodist Church in Port Orange FL. The last church was kind of a divine set up from the Lord.... we were visiting Tim's sister and family and we went to her church just to have a chance to worship in another US church (I really miss the type of services that you find in the States). The pastor was a great guy, who just loves the Lord. It happened to be their international communion service day...where they take communion and recognize the different countries that they have been in. The Pastor indroduced us and we had a chance to meet a pastor from Kenya. So, praise God! Once more the Lord did something that we were not expecting. It just seemed like He had us there at the right time.

We are currently staying with my Dad. And again, the Lord is opening up something new. He is working with a woman who is a Cameroonian from the town that we are working in. We are having lunch with her and her husband on Weds. so keep that in prayer. We are looking forward to meeting them! Should be a lot of fun to talk to them about Cameroon and everything that is happening there.

Thursday morning we travel to Maryland where we will be staying with friends from our home church in Maryland (we worshipped at this church for awhile before we went to Florida, our daughters also attended the school they have there for several years... we loved that schoool and church!!).

Just want to keep everyone updated and hope to get better about posting "news" as we travel the country.


-- BTW -- I am one proud parent!! Christi is doing so well in nursing school!! She should be graduating Dec 2010. She looks so good and so professional in her nursing uniform... not that I am biased or anything!

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