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Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

Tim just came back from picking up someone in Douala.(Economic) center of Cameroon. James Mangong who is one of the first Bible School students, went with me to pick up his fiance'. Teen Missions is having its first Graduation.  The Graduation will be happening Sat. August 15th.  I am very excited about this. These are the first six students we had when we opened the Bible school three years ago. They have made it through the three years and now are finished with school. They are like my children and I am very proud of them!

We are still planing for Tim to return to the states in Sept. Please pray for this time of ministry and sharing our vision.

We are all doing well and staying busy with the paperwork for the ministry, looking for building and working at the church here.

Be Blessed in Jesus Name!


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