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The Puppy Saga

Okay.... so it has been forever since we have put anything on this website...SORRY!!

Our puppy saga began back in January when we wanted to breed our German Shephard. Our other female (also in heat) also managed to get pregnant....the end result....a couple of months later is 2 litters of 7 puppies each. Look at the pics! I (Sara) was the only one to stay up and witness the event. It was a long, but amazing night. We were only aware of the first litter as the German Shepherd (Padme) didn't show any signs of being in labor. We welcomed the boxer mix's puppies into the world (Leia - yes, they are Star Wars themed names) and didn't even know that the German Shepherd was giving birth under the porch stairs. We heard all of the newborn puppy noises coming from outside the window and went running towards the sound, only to be greeted by an irratible (and scary) mother dog in the middle of giving birth to her last puppy. Once she knew it was us she was fine, but oh what a heart stopper. It's one of the reasons we got her, but whew! She is intimidating. So we locked her up and moved her babies and then her inside. Wow, these guys are cute and so much fun, but also soooomuch work! We are really happy to be down to 6. And looking forward to the time when the household is back to just the 2 adult dogs.

I have my favorite puppy (little bear - named because she looks just like a black bear cub) going to a really hot and remote village. We have prayed really hard for the dogs to go to just the right places. I was worried that maybe it would be hard on her as she is a long haired fluff ball. However, (God is so good) I found out from someone who lived in this village for many years, that the long haired dogs do much better as they are somehow protected from the many skin diseases that the short haired breeds seem to suffer from. Praise God... not only is she much better suited for this village than one of the others we considered giving to him, but the Lord put my mind at ease by sending someone to me who knew about how much better she would do there than the other puppy. So we see how God is answering our prayers for the right homes!

I will be sure to keep this website more up-to-date....Lord willing and as the internet is working...I will post at least weekly. There is so much happening here and we are so busy. It's exciting!!

Love to all!


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