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The Corn Maze!!

We had so much fun the other night!!

We spent the first part of the day walking around the Thurmont "colorfest" (this is a local yearly craft fair event where hundreds of vendors display their wares). We ended up picking up 3 new snowman ornaments for Christmas and another bell Christmas ornament ... I hope the cats don't discover that it is a bell or it will be a lost cause keeping them away from the tree... lol. Suz also picked up a pair of Christmas cat earrings which she was able to get for less than the asking price, after we enptied our pockets of the last of our money and were still $1.50 short... but Suz has gotten really good at bartering for stuff in Cameroon and the Colorfest was closing down. It was really nice seeing some of the events that we used to visit every year while we lived in Frederick.

That evening we bundled up (the temperature really dropped and it got cold!!) and headed to a local corn maze. It was great! They had an theme of "Transformers". There were 3 mazes... Suz and I only made it through 2 of them and these were the smaller ones. The map was confusing to me and I don't do well with mazes anyway!!!. We must have put in 10 miles in a 2 mile maze. I "swear" we passed this same mud puddle at least 6 times (lol). I was almost to the point of panicking when one of the guys we were with found us and between all of us we worked our way out. It was getting to feel like I was in a Twilight Zone episode where I was doomed to always end up back at that darn mud puddle not matter which way I turned.. haha!!. I was soooo happy when we made it out!! Although outwardly I was cool, calm and collected... inside I was jumping up and down.

Needless to say we are having lots of fun!! We spoke at another church on Sunday and were so blessed to worship with some more "American" brethren. Many of them actually are from other countries...several are friends we met in Cameroon. It was a wonderful service and we were blessed with a special presence of the Holy Spirit.

We don't have many pictures since I keep forgetting it or the batteries are dead (like at the corn maze). But I will post what I have in the next day or so.


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