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Still more puppy news

Well we are down to 3 puppies to sell (although 2 more are still with us until the new owners can build big pens for them). We were REALLY blessed to find someone who helped save the life of one of our female shepherd puppies. She came back from Yaounde really sick, where she was for 3 weeks while someone tried to sell her for us. After losing 2 puppies to a viralent puppy virus already...Sue and I were pretty distressed. But, it turned out to be something that fleas carry here in Africa. Go figure! There seems to be so many diseases here in Africa that I have never even heard's been a long haul, but we have been enjoying the puppies. So keep us in prayer as we are still babying this female puppy. She is doing so much better, but we still find ourselves having to fsometimes orce glucose water down her because she gets dehydrated. She is a real sweetie!! she has such a sweet pesonality so we are looking for a very special home for her to go to.


All else is going well here. Sue just finished school and got A's and B's... we are really happy with her performance in school.


The orphanage is up and running...updates to come soon!


Thanks to all for your support and prayers!



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