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Our First Butchering Experience

We had our 1st experience butchering a pig.... Boy, not having grown up on a farm, it was quite an experience indeed. It took 2 days to butcher and make sausage. We were really blessed to have the Simons, who are visiting Cameroon on short term missions, teach us their trade. So we had butcheringing 101 and 102! WOW!! It was a lot of work, but what a blessing the first time we bit into our first taste of American sausage in what seems like forever. It seems like a simple thing, but these can be the types of things that help give us the sense of home. So now our freezer is filled with pork roast, pork chops, a few ribs and lots of sausage!! We split the pig with 2 other families.

Check out our pics.



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