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How! (Pigon greeting meaning "How are you"

Today Jake Schliniski and I went out to get equipment for our lesson in "Pig Butchering".  Here in Cameroon the meat you by is on the streets in the market.  There is trash everywhere and mud because it is the rainy season.  You have to get there early or you have to fight the flys for the meat because it sits out all day while it is being sold.  So... we are blessed to have an American Butcher visiting here on a short term missions trip and has agreed to show us how to get cuts of meat we like in a "sanatized" way.  Here they take the animial (pig or cow) and just chop it up with a machate and you buy it that way.  So we hope to make pork chops, ribs, sausage and roast.  Pray this goes will be an experence.  We are doing it on Tuesday the 29th.


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