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From Sara in Cameroon

Hi from Cameroon. Suz and I have been holding down the fort here in Cameroon. Wanted to give a quick update on what's been happening. We just got our electricity back 3 days ago. We had a major transformer "blow up" (it's hard to tell whether it was just for the Bamenda area or the whole North West - it depends on who you talk to). We had to "share" power with another large area for about 2 weeks and spent a great deal of time without. Suz and I made a fun time of it by playing games/cards by candle light and roasting marshmallows with those same candles. We also caught up on our reading. We were very greatful that we only lost refrigerator items. The freezer actually held at 0 degrees Celsius even when we went 60 straight hours with no electricity. Suz school finally got here intact along with several other goodies. We are grateful to one of our supporters who provided enough money to pay for the curriculum and the shipping. Although we struggled for several days trying to get it loaded, it is now up and running so that we "now have school"!! Yeah!!! Although I am sure that there are times when Suz wishes it wasn't here! Thanks for everyone who has been praying for us. Please also keep James and Becky in prayer as her Father (in Canada) is facing quad by-pass surgery.

Be Blessed!!! -- Sara

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