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Coast to we go!

So I am going to try something….posting /blogging about our coast to coast trip. Thursday morning we began our trip. First stop Kerrville, TX (a mere 1300+ mile), where our sending organization (CTEN) has its home office. It has been great to see in person our new pastoral care couple (Bob and B Nesbit), stay overnight at their home, pray together, eat together, and sleep in a bed (Thursday night we were in the car all night). We also got to meet Sherri and have a chance to chat with Rick.

Back track several weeks….we were so happy to see Christi, Suz, Bee bee (Tim’s mom) and Dwayne when we first set foot in Florida (at Orlando Intl airport). Yeah!!! We have had to do a whirl wind of stuff to get ready to head out. We have seen provision after provision from the Lord (I will share about some of those soon). And this is just the start of our time here in the States….we can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do as this trip unfolds. And it’s been such a blessing to be able to spend some time with the girls and visit with our ECCC family. On Weds. evening we enjoyed an amazing church service (all of ECCC service are great). The worship was anointed, the message uplifting and we both felt the Lord speak to our hearts about His future plans for us (we are experiencing many firsts right now) so we had our “send off” from the Lord for our trip. What a way to start!!


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