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Busy, busy, busy!

Sorry to be so long in updating everyone on the happenings of the Born family. Ever since Tim has been back from his trip to the States we have been going full force in getting a car wash business up and running. The profits will go towards helping with the monthly costs of running the orphanage (like rent, utilities, staff salaries)... every little bit of that covered in country helps. Opening a business (legally and without brides) was much more involved than we thought and required MANY long days. But... Praise God... we had our grand opening last week and the car wash is now up and running!!

We are now turning our attention to renovating the orphanage buildings in hopes of a March opening. There is A LOT of work that needs to be done, but we are hopeful that we will get all of the essential stuff done so that we can start operating soon.

Suz is doing well in school. Although, we are still struggling a little in Math, we are finding that Geometry is not as bad as Algrebra was. Man... we are not looking forward to Algebra II next year and are hoping for a tutor who can help us with it. Suz has lost 35+ pounds now and is really looking great. I am 47 pounds down (but have a lot more to go than Suz). We have been doing a new workout (behind closed doors... for good reason), it is Turbo Jam, a dance/aerobic workout. It is a blast and we find that the 20-45 minutes just fly by. Tim has been working REALLY hard! He is gone sometimes from sunup to sundown. We are hoping that with the attention turning to the orphanage that we will see a lot more of him, since the orphanage is literally just around the corner. We hope to, at least, share meal times with him! We REALLY miss family and friends in the States!


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