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Abundantly Above Blessings!!

God has been blessing us abundantly above what we have asking for or expecting. Once again proving to us how much greater His plans are for us than we can even imagine.

While some of these blessings may seem small to some people they have been huge to us. Often we will spend years developing relationships before we see any financial partnership. This time around we have seen some immediate fruit. WOW! And we have gained new friends on top of that. There has been such sweet fellowship as we have gone around. We have been finding ourselves meeting people for the first time and feeling as if we have been friends forever. When we went to Colorado the housing situation didn't go as planned, but we ended up staying at Table Mountain had an awesome view of mountains and provided a quiet retreat for us. I had asked Barbara (Griggs....a friend) if she could help out with a haircut. What I got instead was: a haircut, hair colored, a massage and a pedicure, a new brush and some product. WOW again!! Abundantly above what was asked for. Never underestimate the impact of this type of ministry to missionaries. It still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how much of a blessing it was. We even got to see Bishop Castle too! (a really cool place), were treated to dinner and had an impromptu get together where we met more new friends!

When we left there we headed out to see Katelyn in Fort Collins CO. It was great, but a little strange seeing her outside of Cameroon (haha). She treated us to apple pie and we discussed her year off before she goes to the next level of schooling. So I have my hand out only saying "Come!" (one of our inside's what Willie does to us when he wants us to take him somewhere).

Next driving through some snow and sleet in Wyoming on our way to Utah to have breakfast with the Hoys, finally arriving at our next stop Desert Hot Springs, CA.

So we are up to a total of:            miles according to our trip tachometer. We will be speaking 2 services at Grace Church tomorrow morning. We are excited to be able to share what the Lord is doing in Cameroon!

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